Tips and Tricks

Tips for better photos

Tips for Adding Images to your Pages and Posts

Having great photos on your site is important – they make a difference in how your site looks and appeals to users. Follow these tips to add great photos and that enhance and don’t detract from your website.


How to make your reviews credible

If your reviews are credible, then they are more likely to be believed. What goes into a credible, believable review and how do you get them?

Watch our Video

Adding Video to your Website

Adding videos to your WordPress website is easier than you may think! I break it down and provide some useful tips as well.

Appointment Scheduling with Calendly

Set Up Online Appointment Scheduling with Calendly

Stop wasting time with back and forth emails, trying to find a good time to get on the phone with your customers. Use Calendly instead and allow them to see your availability and make an appointment online.

Perfect is the Enemy of Done

Website Content: Perfect is the enemy of done

Believe it not, the biggest delays we experience when completing a website results from website owners struggling with content. Everyone wants to showcase their business, their products, their services in the best light but not everyone is a professional writer and tons of people have difficulty coming up with the right words to convey their…

Website Goals

Setting Measurable Goals for your Website

Is your website successful? Yes? No? How do you know? Have you considered that question at all? When we start talking to a potential client about their new website, I always ask them two initial questions: What do you want the user to do when they come to your website? How will you know if…

Custom Post Types

Custom Post Types Explained

Every been wondering about Custom Post Types? (Sometimes called CPTs.) What is it? When do I use it? I have some answers for you. So what exactly is a CPT? If you have a WordPress site, you probably are aware of posts, which are usually used for writing blog posts. You login, add a new…


Words Matter

What you put on your website is as important as how it looks. So when it’s time to write copy, there are a few things you should consider. What do you want your customers to know? Think about it this way – most people don’t land on your site on accident. They land there because they…


Fourth of July WordPress Deals

Apparently, the 4th of July is a great time to get deals on WordPress hosting, themes and plugins, so here’s a quick list of places to check out for some sweet deals. Hosting Two of my favorite web hosts, Siteground and FlyWheel, are offering hosting deals. At FlyWheel*, get 3 months free on an annual hosting…


The right way to add photos in WordPress

Can I tell you a secret? There’s a wrong way and a right way to insert a photo into a post. You may be doing it wrong! I know what you may be thinking… I uploaded the photo, I hit insert, it shows up on the page. I’m done! But not so fast…. There are…