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Attorney Websites That Make an Impact

Attorney Websites

We have made a fair number of law firm websites over the years. After working with so many attorneys on websites, I have a lot of advice to give about the goals and vision for attorney websites. Often times attorneys have very different ideas about what should be on their websites. Attorneys tend to want…

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Learn how users are using your website with heat maps

Heat Map

Learning about how people use web pages is one of my favorite hobbies. I love digging into analytics to try to figure out what is working and what is not working and to try to understand how people are responding to a website. Another really fun way to learn more about how visitors are engaging…

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Don’t add features just to add features

Fancy Features

A common request we see from clients is for this feature or that feature, something cool they saw on another website, perhaps something their competitor is doing. For some web pros, the answer to these requests is a simple, “Yes” and they build it in. Customer gets what customer wants. End scene. For me, it’s…

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Website redesign questions and answers

website redesign

The majority of clients who come to us for website design services aren’t actually looking for a brand new website. Most of them already have a website that is old, broken, out-of-date, or not functional. What they are looking for is a website redesign. There are many questions that come up when you’re redesigning an…

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What to expect with a custom WordPress design service

custom wordpress design service

When it comes to websites, there are a lot of options. Typically what we offer to our clients is custom WordPress design service. But what does that mean really? How is that different from other services? Custom This means we’re creating something just for you, not relying on a template or pre-made layout. We talk…

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How to share your blog posts to social media

Sharing Blog Posts

Yesterday I wrote a post about how important it is to share your knowledge on a website or blog. Today I want to talk about sharing of a different kind… on social media. I have some important tips to make sure your content gets in front of your reader. If you’re on social media, you…

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Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge

writing a blog post

If you’re a business owner, then you probably have some expertise in something. Whether it be contracting or construction, real estate, writing, or dog walking. You know your stuff, right? My advice to all business owners who have websites – start sharing your knowledge on your website! Reasons why you should be sharing your expertise…

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Stop blogging on a second domain

Don't blog on second domain

There many benefits of having a blog. It allows you to create lots of great content with ease. It promotes your business, organization, or industry. Websites with blogs have more traffic and more conversions. Google loves blogs. There are tons of reasons to have a blog. However, there’s one mistake many people make. They put…

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