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Naming Your Website Images

Before uploading your photos to your website, you need to change the filenames. In today’s post I explain why and what you should change those filenames to.

Your 2022 Website Checklist

Have you neglected your website? For 2022, take a few minutes and follow this checklist to make minor updates that will pay off.

What every website owner should know about WordPress plugins

It’s important to select plugins for your WordPress site with care. Learn what to look for when evaluating and selecting plugins for your site.

Tips for Photographer Websites

Learn the mistakes to avoid on your photographer website. Increase organic search traffic and conversions with a few tricks.

How to build an email list, the right way

Want to know how best to build your subscriber list without being unethical? Read my dos and don’ts of building your email list.

Let’s talk about DNS

Afraid to make DNS changes? It’s confusing and scary! Learn more about how DNS works.

Securing Your Social Media Accounts

Ever had your Facebook account hacked? It’s not fun. What’s worse though is having your business Facebook hijacked. Learn how to protect yourself

Your customers don’t care about bells and whistles

Thinking you need lots of bells and whistles to make your site stand out? You might want to think again. Learn what does and doesn’t help your bottom line in today’s post.

What you need to know about Core Web Vitals

Been wondering about Google’s Core Web Vitals and if you should be concerned? I don’t have all the answers, but I have some info you might find useful.

Third-party reviews on your website

Is it okay to post reviews on your website that were left on third party sites like Google and Yelp? Sometimes. Keep reading to learn more.

Use Case Studies to Increase Conversions

Adding case studies to your website adds to your credibility and authority. Find out what to include and how to set them up.

Save Time with RSS Feed newsletters

If you write a blog, you can automate the process of emailing your new posts to your subscribers with an RSS to Email Newsletter campaign. Save time and get more reach with automation.

How links help your SEO

There are several different kinds of links that can affect your SEO. Learn about what you can do with links to help your site rank better.

How to make money with your blog

Been thinking you want to make money on your blog? It’s harder than you think! Learn some options for monetizing your blog from our blog.

Making the most of your hair stylist website

Know what your clients really want in a hair stylist website? Learn what you should have and what you can do without.

Creating a successful website for your dog breeding business

Adding a puppy to the family is a big step for many people. Learn what a dog breeder website should be doing to convert.


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