Watery inspirations for you website


Water is known for it’s calming and relaxing effects and its colors are often used where a similar emotion is desired.  Try some of these colors if you are looking to bring a sense of relaxation into your website.

WordPress News: Automattic Buys WooCommerce


Yesterday, Matt Mullenweg, Automattic CEO and WordPress founder, announced that they would be purchasing WooCommerce. If you offer retail sales on WordPress, there’s a good chance you’re using WooCommerce already. If you have a WordPress site and are planning to

You don’t have to use PayPal!


I love Paypal as much as the next guy. I’ve had an account so long, I don’t even know when I got it. Pretty sure the account was originally set up in my maiden name, and I have been married

Just Launched: The Content Marketing Writer


  Add a little Parallax in your life! Jennifer Goforth Gregory is a content marketing writer with 20 years of experience. She needed a great looking, mobile-friendly site that would organize her portfolio, show off her blog, and sell her services. You

Keyboard quickies for Photoshop


Shortcuts make life easier and I’m a big fan of anything will increase my workflow and make my daily load more efficient. Pretty much everyone uses shortcuts like Copy (Command + C) and Paste (Command + V), but here are a few more that

Clever logos with hidden meanings


We look at popular and every day logos so often that we often don’t notice they also have hidden meanings. It is fun to call these clever details to attention. The Amazon logo smile is also an arrow that points from A to