Just Launched: Indiana Emergency Care


I’m always so excited when we launch a new site. This week we are proud to present Indiana Emergency Care. A great new responsive site using the Genesis Framework.  

WordPress 4.1.2 Security Release


As a WordPress user, and a WordPress developer, I know that WordPress fairly regularly releases updates. Sometimes they add new features. Sometimes they fix small bugs. And sometimes, there’s a security update. A couple years ago, a neighbor told me about

A few graphic design tools I love

design tools i love

Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet I was hesitant to purchase a Wacom tablet because the one I had years ago just didn’t work very well – actually it pretty much sucked. After hours and hours of research, I decided to give Wacom a second

Just Launched: Summerill


Sometimes, you just need a good looking site, and you need it done quickly. We primarily design and develop custom Genesis sites here at Sumy Designs. But sometimes. Sometimes we have clients who need a site faster. Who need it

Create watercolored text using Photoshop

watercolor text effect using photoshop

I love learning new Photoshop tricks. Recently, I worked on a project where I needed to create a watercolor effect on my type for some invitations. The invitations turned out beautifully, so I thought I’d share my new watercolor effect trick with you.

Lessons learned in the design world

Design is thinking made visual

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder It isn’t always easy to design for multiple clients, especially when they have tastes that aren’t always parallel to your own. I strive to give my clients the perfect website for their business, even

Server Hijacking and the Aftermath


As I mentioned in a couple of posts last week, and for anyone who visited our site or any of our clients sites during this time, you may have known we had something of an outage. But more and more details