Finding your blog voice


As any dedicated blogger knows, your blog will evolve over time. Your strengths, interests and priorities also evolve until your blog has a very distinct voice. Many new bloggers are afraid to move forward because they have trouble finding their voice. If

What should my domain name be?

Domain Name

I get this question a lot, so I thought I’d do an obligatory domain name FAQ. What is a domain name? A domain name, like, is like the street address for your house. It tells people where to look

Just Launched: Salva Construction


Sometimes, what you really need is not a complicated site, but a beautiful site that showcases what you do. This is the case for the new site we just built for Salva Construction. It’s beautiful. Responsive. And effective. Need to

Using negative space in web design

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Negative space is, in the world of art and design, the space that is around and between an object in an image. Negative space is often overlooked, but is important because it is the negative space that defines the positive space and equals out the design while balancing out the composition.

Using Copy with Photos as Backgrounds


Using large images and photographs as a background on your website is all the rage right now. And with help from advanced lossy compression systems, such as, you can use them without loss of image quality or loading speed.