4 simple ways boost your photos

Add contrast to an image to increase intensity

Many times you’ll have a good photo, but it just lacks a little bit of something to make it a great photo. Here are a few easy tips to try with your images: Add contrast Adjusting the contrast between light and

WordPress Podcasts to Know and Love


I like podcasts. When taking a long trip in the car, walking the dog, or sometimes sitting at my desk, it’s nice to have something to  listen to that’s more entertaining than just music. I was, of course, hooked on

Blogging tips for small businesses


Write to inspire Good blog posts should trigger the sharing of ideas. And, if your small business has a blog, then you have a great marketing tool because you know more about your business than anyone else. Write posts about your business

Design Tips for Non-Designers, Part 2

design tips for non-designers, part 2

Your design should reflect your company’s appearance If your company logo is green and black, you might not want to use orange and purple to highlight headlines. Be sure and choose your design elements carefully because even the smallest details can

Just Launched: JET Stone LLC


Happy to present our newest site for JET Stone LLC, a full-service hunter, jumper, and equitation barn located three miles from River Rd in Poolesville, MD. One of the thing I liked best about making this site was looking at all

Designing With Characters: The Ampersand

Many styles of ampersand: casual, traditional and script.

Designing with characters is fun, and the sexy curves of the ampersand make it a favorite with graphic designers. Typography, in general, is an interesting and charming aspect of our linguistic evolution, but this is particularly true for the beautiful symbol