Free Watercolor Banners

Free watercolor banners by Sumy Designs

FREE BANNERS In our efforts to give back to the wonderful design community, we give you these bright and fun pastel banners that you can use to decorate your blog, website or any design. And as always, this download is free for

Subtractively Yellow

this lemon picture is not of a yellow lemon

This lemon is not yellow, your brain just tells you this lemon is yellow. But it’s a lemon, so it must be yellow, right? Not really, computer monitors manipulate variations of red and green to create wavelengths to trick your brain into

Southlake Classic Pet Retreat


We at Sumy Designs are huge animal lovers. Dogs, cats, goats, you name it, we love it. So whenever we have an opportunity to work on a site related to animals, we love it. This new site for Southlake Classic

New Logo Design: Moose Tacos Eco Apiary

Moose Tacos Eco Apiary Logo

Sumy Designs recently created this super cute and nerdy bee logo for Moose Tacos Eco Apiary. If you’ve decided to move forward with a custom logo, or even if you have an old one in need of revision, then you’ve come

Converting readers to subscribers


If you want something, you have to give something in return. That’s the way the world works. But so often, I see websites with newsletter or blog subscription sign up boxes, but with nothing to offer in return! I know, I

Typography, Lettering and Calligraphy Explained

typography, lettering and calligraphy explained

Three different techniques that are often interchanged in the design world, but have distinct differences. Here is a quick explanation of what differentiates typography, lettering and calligraphy. TYPOGRAPHY The art or technique of setting and arranging type to make our language visually pleasing. Before

Just Launched: telaGen LLC


Maybe it’s just me, but I love a pink and green website. It has a very calming effect on me. Plus, all those baby pictures just make me happy. This site for telaGen LLC was a lot of fun to

Free Social Media Icons

free patterned social media icons from sumy designs

FREE SOCIAL MEDIA ICONS DOWNLOAD Social media isn’t just a fad anymore, it’s a viable part of our everyday life and plays a critical role in driving traffic to your website or blog. Why not upgrade your design with these free