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Blogging is one of the best things you can do to drive new users and traffic to your website. We’ve written many articles about the benefits of blogging for your business that include blogging tips and more. Check out our articles below to find content that’s useful for you.


Increase your following

Design matters The power of a good design should be not underestimated. When your viewers land on your blog or website the first thing they notice is the design. Your site should...
Personal Google Searcher

You don’t have to “optimize” every blog post

We write a lot of blog posts here. Some days, I feel like that's all I do! And I love the Yoast SEO plugin. Who doesn't? It helps you narrow...
categories and tags

It’s important to use categories and tags correctly on your WordPress website

So you have a new WordPress website. And on that website, you have a blog. GREAT! We love blogs. As you can tell, because we blog nearly every day of...
dont give up on your blog image

Why you shouldn’t stop blogging

There are days when it seems like throwing myself into heavy traffic is a better idea than having to write another a blog post. Really. Somedays, I just want to...

Finding topics for blog posts

Go through your comments Sometimes all you need to do is reread the comments on previous posts to generate some new ideas. Many times the comments will flip a creative...
business website

Streamline the sharing of your blog

If you are writing a blog, then you need to share it. And you need to share it in multiple ways. You'll want to share it on social media, but...
photo for making a professional website

How to acheive a professional website or blog

You may have just started a website or blog or maybe you’ve been at it for years, either way, you want your site to look professional. Your viewers will most likely become return viewers...
Why and how business blogging works

Why and how blogging works

We have seen it happen with our customers and Sumy Designs is living proof, if you blog regularly your website will escalate within the ranks of Google. If you are...
Increase blog traffic graphic

Get more blog followers: 4 easy ways

1) Write searchable posts This means you will need to know a little about search engine optimization, or SEO. You can search Google about blog SEO, and find tons of...

Five simple ways to create sexy headlines

If you talk to enough writers, you will know that headlines are what sell your article. You could have written the best piece of your life, but know one will...
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