Prevention of COVID-19 in workspaces

preventing spread of covid19 in the workplace

We understand that working from home isn’t an option for all of our clients, so we’ve put together a checklist to help ensure your safety and the safety of your employees and co-workers to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace

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Impacting Lead Generation

The marketing world is in a sparring match for a narrow pool of disposable income. Impacting lead generation can make the difference between a website that is creating traffic and revenue and one that isn’t.

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Should you use instagram for your business?

Instagram image

When I talk to business owners about their online presence, they all seem to already have or have planned a Facebook presence, but not as many have been thinking about Instagram. But should you be, as a business owner? The answer is, it depends. The rule of thumb for any business and social media presence…

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Ways to create a better reader experience on your blog

Create a better user experience

Websites with blogs have more visitors and more conversions. This is the truth. But there’s more to it than just adding a post and writing some words. You need to create something better, something that not only is compelling for your audience, but is designed in a way that makes it easy to read. Use…

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The Logo Design Process

Child Care Marketing Assocation

If you’ve made the decision to move forward with a custom logo design for your business or organization, then you’ve come to the right place. Sumy Designs can create a logo that will set you apart from your competition. A logo takes time and effort to create, but a well-designed logo will give your business…

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What’s the difference between a jpg, gif, png and svg?


This post can be viewed as a beginner’s guide to the differences between a JPG, GIF, PNG, and SVG. Sometimes the differences in file formats are subtle and sometimes they are vast, but this brief explanation should give you a better understanding of each format and help you know when to use each them.  We’ve talked…

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Blogging trends and website design

A happy new year from Sumy Designs to all the small business near and far. 2017 was a good year for Sumy Designs, I hope it was for you as well. We are growing more and more every year and to keep up with all of that growth there is a lot of learning. We…

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Visual trends in website design 2018

Some things will stay the same and some things will be brand new next year. Here are a few design trends for 2018 that can inspire your next website design. The return of depth and the death of flat design Flat design has been dying a slow death over the past few years and true…

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Big tips to help your small business

This is a red typewriter.

Did you know that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Business Employment Dynamics, only 80% of small business startups will survive their first year? And only 50% will survive five years? Sumy Designs has been around for over 12 years and being a small business ourselves, we know few things about startup and small…

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Common Design Lingo

Above the Fold Back in the day, this was the term used to describe the content that was on the front page of the newspaper before it was folded … in today’s world, it refers to the content that is present on the monitor when a webpage is opened. This is way less of a…

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Fonts that are not my type

I recently watched a fun SNL video starring Ryan Gosling about how he is still, years later, haunted by the logo for the movie Avatar. Why? Because it uses the font Papyrus. Nooooo! Every graphic designer’s nightmare is having a client that wants their logo designed using the Papyrus font. So, with that in mind,…

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The benefits of rebranding for your small business

rebranding your small business

Reaching new audiences Refreshing the look of your small business gives you the opportunity to hone in and target any new audiences you see as potential target audiences. Promote your brand amply and correctly and keep your brand evolving to meet changing times. New goals for evolving times As the years go by our products,…

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Many shades of gray

Color isn’t always vibrant and exciting – sometimes it is pale, mute and dark. Sometimes a pop of a bright hue is all it takes to create a fabulous palette, or sometimes monotone is the way to go. Here are a few shades of gray that may inspire an unexpected design mood.

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Free Stock Photos

free stock photo image

We’ve talked in the past about how good photography is an essential part of a website. We’ve also talked about how not every small business has the money to hire a photographer. If you are one of these businesses there is no need to worry because there is a wide variety of stock photography that…

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