Gifts for small business owners, developers and bloggers

The holidays are almost here—do you have all of your shopping done?

Don’t worry, there is plenty of time and we are here to help with those gifts you need to buy for the small business owners, bloggers, website designers and WordPress enthusiasts on your list.

If you are clueless what gift to give, start by making their lives easier with any of these gifts. We have an assortment of gifts for those who are so busy they don’t have time to manage their personal lives, busy bloggers writing stories for the holidays and for those entrepreneurs who could use a hand with a new website design or just simply need their current WordPress website freshened up.

Packing Cubes

Travel tends to be inevitable when you are starting up your new business, whether it is to meet remote employees or for a conference or training seminar. I saw these packing cubes at WordCamp US in Nashville and I instantly knew of several WordPress enthusiasts who could use their space-saving powers.

Website Developer Deck

This miniature card deck comes with 53 cards listed with all the common page names. These cards simplify website design and are fun to use and build wireframe and UX designs. This gift is perfect for the website designer or developer in your life.

Phone Charging Bracelet

There is no reason each entrepreneur can't be fashionable AND charge their phone at the same time with this elegant phone charging bracelet. This gift will be a hit with the busy small business owners or anyone with a mobile phone for that matter. Wear two or three at a time for extra charge time.

Kitchen Tablet Utensil Holder

Now we're cooking. Did the food blogger in your life just start a new blog or website? This utensil holder is perfect for anyone who loves to browse cooking websites and follow recipes and watch YouTube videos on their tablet while cooking.

Adjustable Standing Desk

Every business owner or manager gets so caught up in work that they sometimes forget to take care of themselves and skip out on going to the gym or working out. This isn't the perfect substitute for going to the gym, but this adjustable standing desk is a start.

Floppy Disk Coasters

Computer Geek. Web Developer. Gamer. Project Manager from the 80s. We've got you covered with this gift that works for all of your Generation X nerd friends and family members. Their tabletops will thank you.

I'm Not Bossy

Is their someone in your life who is a control freak or someone that is so involved in every aspect of their startup business that they seem overly bossy, in a very loving way of course. Give them a subtle gift and let them know you still love them, bossy or not.

Travel Cord Wrap

Cords, cords, cords. We hate the mess but can't use or computers without them. This travel cord roll is perfect for anyone who travels with technology. Give one or two to the web designers and travel bloggers on your list.

Washable Keyboard

Does the food blogger you know always spill wine on their keyboard? Is your teenager gaming while drinking soda? Or maybe your favorite author is in the zone while drinking coffee and composing a masterpiece on their website? They need this.

You Got This

Sometimes we need a little encouragement to sit on our desks while we wonder if our business is going to thrive. This thoughtful sculpture will keep those startup business owners motivated.

F-Bomb Paperweight

And then there are days when everything goes wrong and you at a loss for words. Well, all words except one. I know more than a few developers and coders who could use one of these.

Food Delivery Service

Coming home from a long day at the office is stressful enough without having to plan and prepare meals for the entire family. Food delivery is the perfect gift for anyone whose kids are tired of having "crap you find in the fridge" night more than once or twice a week.

Dog Walking Service

Just because someone gets busy with work doesn't mean those furry family members at home should have to suffer. Having a walk in the middle of the day is healthy for anyone, including your canine pal. A dog walking service is perfect for the pet-lover and busy entrepreneur. Your dogs will thank you.

A New Website Design

If you know of someone who has a small or medium-sized business and needs a website, we can help. Our services range from custom WordPress design and development to logo design and more.


Wifi Down Mug

Do you know a friend or family member who works remotely and only comes up for air when the wifi is down? Maybe it is a close employee or boss. Either way, this mug is a great gift that will bring a smile to their face and remind them its okay to breathe every now and then.


Geeks Guide to World Domination

Wouldn't it be a great place if the world were dominated by geeks like you? Give this book to everyone you know and do your part to support the geek domination.

Steve Jobs Prints

Some people might consider this gift a bit overboard, others would hang it over their mantle like they were creating a throne. These prints would enhance the decor of any business owner who uses a Mac, which is a lot. I bet you know one.

Circuit Socks

Socks are the gift you give the nerd in the office as a secret Santa gift. Or the gift you give someone with really stinky feet. These circuit socks fit the bill for most computer geeks.


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