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How to add an Instagram feed to your website

Wondering how to add your Instagram feed to your website? Learn how to do it and why you should or shouldn’t add it to your website.

How to make an amazing Instagram landing page

Links only work on Instagram in the bio, so create an amazing Instagram landing page so your users can easily find all your posts.

How to add online scheduling to your business website

If you aren’t offering online scheduling, you are throwing away a lot of potential money. It’s 2020, it’s time for your business to allow customers to book appointments the way they want.

Does your site need an HTML sitemap?

What is an HTML sitemap, does your #website need one, and how do you get one? We walk through the benefits of having one and how to set it up.

Questions your website should answer

When it comes to turning your website visitors into customers, the most important thing you can do is answer their questions. Learn what questions they probably have and how you should answer them to make your website more successful.

How to choose hashtags for Instagram and Twitter

Ever wondered what a hashtag is for? Today I wrote about what hashtags are and what purpose they serve so that you can learn to use them for your business.

Create an online portfolio that amazes your customers

Don’t just add an online portfolio to your website… add an amazing online portfolio. We’ve created this list of tips for making sure your portfolio stands out and converts.

Custom Website Design Explained

Ever wondered what’s involved with getting a custom website with WordPress? We walk you through our own process.

Are you considering a bilingual website?

Creating a bilingual website can be complicated, but we’ve done a few and have lots of tips and tricks for translating your own website.

What to know when considering a WordPress calendar plugin

Getting lost trying to find a WordPress calendar plugin for your site? There are a lot of options and it can be confusing. In today’s post we walk through a few great options.

Add a blog to your website in 2020

Your business website probably needs a blog. If you add a blog to your website, you can increase your visibility, authority, and leads. You have information to share, so do it!

Why hire an SEO consultant

I write a lot about SEO on this blog, because I get a lot of SEO questions. Most of the time those questions are from people who want to do their own SEO to save money, rather than hire an SEO consultant. I get wanting to save money. I get wanting to learn to more…

MailerLite Review

After being a dedicated MailChimp user for many years, I made the jump to MailerLite. Find out why and what I think in my MailerLite review.

How to Embed YouTube Video in WordPress

Adding videos can enhance your website and build credibility with your audience. Here we outline three different ways to embed YouTube video in your WordPress website.

WordPress Document Management

Thinking about adding a download library to your website? WordPress document management can get complicated, but we have a wealth of ways to get the job done.

Why and how you should start a VLOG in 2020

Have you been thinking about starting a vlog (video blog) for your business? I made my first vlog post today where I talk about how and why to start vlogging.


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