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Get more organic reach with your Facebook posts

Been wondering how to get more Facebook engagement without paying for ads? It’s not always easy, but we have some ideas for you.

Creating a newsletter may not be as easy as you think

Thinking of starting a newsletter? It’s probably more work than you think it is. Find out what’s involved so yours can be a success.

Online Ethics & Social Media: What you need to know

What should you share and not share on your website and on social media? What’s legally allowed and what’s ethical? I go in-depth into these concepts and explore various scenarios to help you make decisions about your online footprint.

Email Automations to Supercharge your Small Business

Use email automations to stay connected with your clients from day one. Learn my favorite three email automations for almost every business.

Domain Name Questions and Answers

Everything you ever wanted to know about domain names and then a few things you didn’t in today’s blog post.

Long-tail Keyword Basics

Don’t discount long-tail keywords because they don’t get a ton of search volume. Instead, use them to draw more hot leads to your site.

Getting Content is Important and Often Difficult

Many business owners get stuck when it’s time to write content for their website. Read my fail-proof tips for getting it done or see my resources for outsourcing.

Cool things you can do with Gravity Forms

Your forms can do more than just ask a user for their name, email, and a message. Learn some other cool things you can do with Gravity Forms.

How to find the best keywords for your business

Been thinking of working on your SEO but not sure where to start? Learn how to choose the best keywords for your business in today’s post.

Six Simple Ways to Market your Business and Promote Online Engagement

Wondering how to get more eyes on your business without spending money on ads? We have six tips on free ways you can market your business.

The difference between site speed and site optimization

What do you care about more? Getting an ‘A’ on the page speed test or actually have a fast site? These are two different things.

Use Zapier to create custom emails and receipts

Sometimes your WooCommerce receipts leave a little to be desired, but you can use Zapier to create a customized receipt that works for you.

Having a business Facebook page vs group

Facebook page vs group? What’s best for your business? Learn more about the different platforms and how to use them to build your brand.

Adding a Podcast to your WordPress site

Thinking about starting a podcast and want to add it to your WordPress site? There are a lot of ways to do it and I list a few options here.

Accepting Credit Cards online is not as hard as you may think

Accepting credit cards on your site, instead of or in conjunction with PayPal, will likely lead to an increase in sales. It’s not more expensive and not that hard to set up. Learn more about what’s involved.

The subtle psychology of a good website

How does your website make people feel? Do they leave it happy? Does it leave a good first impression? Learn about the subtle psychology of a good website.


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