Closing Down Website

What to do when you no longer need your website

There are wrong and right ways to close down your website. Neither is hard, so take a few minutes to plan an exit strategy when you no longer need your website.


Automate your Business with Zapier

There are a million ways to add automation to your business with the help of Zapier. Find out some of our favorite hacks and share yours too.

Services Page

Your Services Page Needs Work

The services page on your website is often one of the most important pages, but frequently these pages suck. Find out how to enhance your services page and get more leads.

Appointment Scheduling with Calendly

Set Up Online Appointment Scheduling with Calendly

Stop wasting time with back and forth emails, trying to find a good time to get on the phone with your customers. Use Calendly instead and allow them to see your availability and make an appointment online.

Contact Us Page

Don’t neglect your contact page

Your contact page is probably one of the most visited pages on your website, don’t make an after thought. Optimize it so you can increase your contacts and bottom line.

Affordable Web Design Services

How to find affordable web design services

Navigating the maze to find affordable web design services can be challenging. We have tips and tricks for finding a company that will provide great service at a rate you can afford.

Online Booking

It’s 2018. You need online booking.

It’s 2018. If you require clients to schedule appointments with you, but don’t offer online booking, you’re losing money and wasting time. Find out more.

Attorney Websites

Attorney Websites That Make an Impact

We have made a fair number of law firm websites over the years. After working with so many attorneys on websites, I have a lot of advice to give about the goals and vision for attorney websites. Often times attorneys have very different ideas about what should be on their websites. Attorneys tend to want…

website redesign

Website redesign questions and answers

The majority of clients who come to us for website design services aren’t actually looking for a brand new website. Most of them already have a website that is old, broken, out-of-date, or not functional. What they are looking for is a website redesign. There are many questions that come up when you’re redesigning an…

custom wordpress design service

What to expect with a custom WordPress design service

When it comes to websites, there are a lot of options. Typically what we offer to our clients is custom WordPress design service. But what does that mean really? How is that different from other services? Custom This means we’re creating something just for you, not relying on a template or pre-made layout. We talk…