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How to Name Your Website Images

Stop uploading photos with their default camera names, like DSC0831.jpg. You need to use appropriate, descriptive names for your images!

What you should expect from a website maintenance service

Back in 2006, when we built the first website for our first paying customer, website maintenance was not really a thing. You built a website for a customer. You put it on their server. And boom, that was it. You were done. Now that we’re drawing ever closer to 2020, I look back on those…

The Truth about SEO Maintenance

What is SEO maintenance? Why should you have it and how will it help your website? We break it down for you in today’s blog post.

Local SEO Services you should invest in

If you serve customers within a certain geographic area, it’s important to invest in local SEO services to make sure your local customers know how to find you.

What is technical SEO?

Learn more about what technical SEO is, what it means for your site, and what you should be doing to get your site up to speed, so to speak.

How to design an author website

Not sure how to design your author website? We have all the insider tips and tricks to make sure your readers are finding everything they need.

A New PayPal/GoDaddy Domain Scam

There’s a new scam in town, with scammers sending real PayPal invoices to you “from” GoDaddy for domains you actually own. Take a look.

What you need to know about Google Algorithm Updates

Google changes their search algorithm a lot. Find out what you need to know to stay on top.

Small Business Website Needs

Learn more about the technical needs of every small business website. It’s not enough to create a website and forget about it.

Tips from a Website Designer: Small Details Matter

Working on your website? The devil is in the details. Take a look at tips from a professional website designer on the small details that are often overlooked.

Are you ready for a website?

Are you ready to get started on a new website? Are you sure? Here’s what you need to know before getting started.

Tips for your restaurant website design

Restaurant owners make many mistakes when it comes to their websites. Learn what your restaurant website design needs to brings in new and return guests.

What is web design?

What is web design? Well, it’s more than just picking out pretty colors, graphics and fonts. It’s about design a strategy that works.

Tips for Political Candidate Websites

Tis’ the season for politics! Political candidate websites often make a lot of mistakes. Find out how to make sure yours works!

Web Design Pricing: How much should your website cost?

Web design pricing can vary from agency to agency, and also vary between projects within any web design company. Learn the reasons why here.

The Truth about Outbound Links for SEO

Adding outbound links to your website can have a positive effect on your SEO. In this post, we explain why that is and how to do it.



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