Just Launched: Gutter Covers of Indiana


We’re super excited to share our newest “Just Launched” site with you. Gutter Covers of Indiana had an existing site that was woefully in need of an update! We worked with the owner to revamp his site to make it

How to grab screenshots with your Mac


There might come a time when will need to capture an image on your computer screen. It’s easy with just a few simple keystrokes. Here are the keystrokes for screen capturing: Command+Shift+3 - this option captures the entire screen and saves it to a file on

Tips for your Facebook business page


If you have a website for your business, chances are that you probably also have a business Facebook page. It’s a good idea, lots of people are on Facebook and many of them may look for information on your business

Just Launched: Victoria Wilcox, Ph.D.

Victoria Wilcox

Our newest “Just Launched” site is a site for Victoria Wilcox, Ph.D. Victoria is a medical writer, and wanted an updated and easily up-dateable site that she could manage on her own as well as blog. This enables her to show her

Should I use premium plugins or free ones?


Ah, plugins plugins plugins. My favorite part about WordPress is that there are so many different plugins that can be used to make a simple site extraordinary. Need a simple contact form? There’s a plugin for that! Need a photo

Adding images to your blog post or website

We all know how important blogging regularly is for driving traffic to your website. But did you know adding visual content to your blog post will make your posts stand out and grab your readers attention better than if no photo were used?