Should I use premium plugins or free ones?


Ah, plugins plugins plugins. My favorite part about WordPress is that there are so many different plugins that can be used to make a simple site extraordinary. Need a simple contact form? There’s a plugin for that! Need a photo

Adding images to your blog post or website

We all know how important blogging regularly is for driving traffic to your website. But did you know adding visual content to your blog post will make your posts stand out and grab your readers attention better than if no photo were used?

Just Launched: Meagan Francis


We are very excited about this week’s “Just Launched” site! Meagan has been a long time client of ours, and we’ve had the pleasure of working with her on a number of different sites. Her personal site,, needed an

Summer color for website design


Summer is full of bright and bold colors that can spruce up any website. Bright colors attract attention and offer a fun palette of inspiration for viewers. Here is a beautiful color combination that would work for a summer inspired

Just Launched: Virtus Equity


Today’s “Just Launched” feature is a new site for Virtus Equity. This Chicago based investment firm needed a new website that would scale as the business grows, is responsive for mobile users, and was simple, clean, and concise. We think

Typography trends in web design


Typography trends in web design used to be boring, but that is not longer the case. Fabulous creations such as Adobe Typekit and Google fonts allow for websites to fun and creative. Below are some of the typography trends in web design for 2014: