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Above the Fold

Back in the day, this was the term used to describe the content that was on the front page of the newspaper before it was folded … in today’s world, it refers to the content that is present on the monitor when a webpage is opened. This is way less of a big deal because users are so in tune with scrolling.

Back End Design

This refers to the parts of your website that you can’t see, the structure, control panels, and software that runs behind the scenes to make your site functional.


The software or hardware components that store data so that future requests can be retrieved faster.

Hex Code

This is the number code used to represent colors on your website.


The space between characters that make it proportionate for the screen or document.


The space between lines of text in a document or website.

Negative space

The space around a design that makes it aesthetically pleasing so it isn’t overcrowded.


PMS is the Pantone Matching System used for assigning numbers to colors for printed documents.


This is the transaction of selling items or buying them online.

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Susan designing a custom website

Susan Sullivan

Susan lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area with her husband and children. She is an avid distance runner, environmentalist, part-time beekeeper, chicken farmer and amateur photographer.

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