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Samson & Delilah’s

Salon websites need to have style, class, and elegance, and this one for Samson and Delilah's has both.

Diehl Concrete

We always enjoy working on contractor websites, but working with Diehl Concrete was especially fun. Who knew there were so many ways to use concrete! Stamped concrete, walkways, patios and pool decks, Diehl Concrete does...
FAQ: How long does it take to finish a website?

FAQ: How long does it take to finish a website?

*I'm starting a FAQ section on this blog, to help users find answers to common questions. The pace of the project begins with the client and we set our pace accordingly. We have been able...

New Site: City of Richlawn, KY

This site was so fun to work on, and it opened up a new market for us: municipal design. This city needed an easy to navigate and easy to update website to help their residents...

City of Richlawn

Every small town needs a great website and we love how this one for the City of Richlawn, Kentucky, came out.

TXsharon’s Bluedaze: Drilling Reform

TxSharon's Blue Daze is an activist blog, dedicated to fighting the environmental dangers of natural gas fracking.

Silversons Realty

Silverson Realty is a New York real estate company focused on the Westchester area. Need an expert to help you buy or sell in the area? Silversons may be for you. Want to know more...

Tina Montagna Tate

I love it when a site really comes together. This site is for Tina Montagna Tate, an art psychotherapist out of Philadelphia. What I love about this site is the simplicity. It's nice to look...

Changing Planet, Changing Health

Climate change is now doing far more harm than marooning polar bears on melting chunks of ice—it is damaging the health of people around the world. Brilliantly connecting stories of real people with cutting-edge scientific...
WordPress: Not just for Blogging anymore

WordPress: Not just for Blogging anymore

When we got started designing for WordPress, it was only for blogging. It was becoming popular, and we wanted a part of the action. At the time, we were also doing e-commerce sites, static sites,...

Alina Tugend

  Award-winning New York Times columnist and author of the book Better by Mistake: The Unexpected Benefits of Being Wrong. Known for tackling complex and difficult subjects, and for making them simple — but not...

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