New Site: Silversons Realty

by on Thursday, July 21st, 2011

This site isn’t completely finished, but there’s enough that I wanted to go ahead and include it in our portfolio. I’ve done realtor sites in the past, but they always lacked the ability to pull in the listings, both their own and the listings of all agencies. At least without a lot of work and a lot of struggle. This time, everything came together. The site has loads of content for sellers and buyers, as well as all their own listings and the ability to search all the listings in the MLS. That’s the way to get users to your site and keep them on your site.

I highly recommend this option to any realtor who is looking to get an edge on the market.

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Amy is co-owner of Sumy Designs, LLC. When not creating websites, she can be found writing restaurant reviews at Lafayette Eats, tweeting at @amymasson, and geeking out about all things WordPress.

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