We do a lot of websites for businesses that offer services, such as contractors, pool builders, and other small businesses. The majority of these companies have a page on their website that lists their services. You may think that having a great Services page will be easy, because you know exactly what you do. But I’m here to tell you, that probably your services page is not so hot and needs more work.

Common Misconceptions about the Services Page

When I talk to people about their services page, they think it’s pretty much just that – a list of services or a brief paragraph about their services. But that is a glossy description at best. Your services page, whether you realize it or not, is likely your #1 sales page. That means that you aren’t just listing your services, you’re selling your services.

Don’t make the mistake of not using your services page to connect with your customer to make the sale.

Services Page

Common Services Page Mistakes

  1. Just having a bulleted list of services
    Many business owners, when planning their website, just write up a list of services and paste it on the page. Maybe they include a photo somewhere on the page, but that’s often it. “You want to see what I offer, here it is.” But this is bad for a number of reasons. First, it does nothing for your SEO and it doesn’t showcase you as a great provider of those services.
  2. Lumping all services into one page
    If you are a business that offers multiple services, which is pretty common, then you probably need a single page for each main service. If you land on the Sumy Designs Web Design Services page,  you will find a brief overview of all of our services, but then you can link through to each service for a much more detailed page about that particular service. When people know exactly what the service entails and what to expect, they are much more likely to take the next step.
  3. Not being specific
    Guess what? There’s a really good chance that the person reading your website doesn’t know much about your industry. That’s probably why they are looking at your site. If the person reading it can’t figure out what you offer, can’t figure out if it’s what they need, then they’ll skip and go to the next site. Give them details. What is it you offer, why would someone need it, and why are you the best at it?
  4. Not showing or linking to work examples
    Your services page may be great and detailed, but it also needs to showcase your work. Having a before/after photo of each services with a link to your portfolio is a great way to enhance your services listing with concrete examples of how great those services are. If you’re a contractor, home owners want to see awesome pics of your work. So be sure to include those!
  5. Having no call-to-action
    Say you have written a great services page. Awesome! Is there anywhere on your page that says what the next step is? If I want to hire you, what do I do? Do I call? Can I fill out a form? Do I need to come to your business? Explain the next steps in clear details so your site visitor knows what they need to do to hire you.

Remember, your customer likely doesn’t work in your industry and is looking for an expert because they aren’t one. Showcase your knowledge. Make it clear you know what you’re doing.

Your Services page is a Sales Page. Try to close the deal.

Amy Masson

Amy is the co-owner, developer, and website strategist for Sumy Designs. She's been making websites with WordPress since 2006 and is passionate about making sure websites are as functional as they are beautiful.

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