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Facebook AdsDid you know that 58% of the entire adult population of the world have a Facebook account? Facebook has not only become the default social media app for most of the world, but it’s also become one of the biggest news sources for people. So if you haven’t considered using it for advertising, maybe it’s time you did.

Facebook advertising is different from other types of marketing because you are targeting people and demographics instead of keywords. We’ve covered that in a lot more detail in another blog post here.

One of the goals I created for Sumy Designs for 2017 was the goal to begin offering more marketing options to our clients. To achieve this goal, our first task was to hire an Internet Marketing Manager. Andrea joined us in the fall, is Google AdWords Certified, and works with us remotely from Bozeman, Montana. She manages all facets of our online marketing campaigns, including Google Adwords and Facebook.

Why Advertise on Facebook?

It’s pretty cheap. As little as $20 can get your ad in front of people.  And your audience is likely already on Facebook. It’s just a matter of creating an ad that catches their attention.

Sometimes Facebook Advertising Hits the Mark Better than Google Ads

I am a big fan of Google AdWords. With the right keywords, ads, and landing pages you can really get people who are searching for what you offer right to your site. But what if nobody is searching for what you offer? That’s really where Facebook Ads can work well. If you have a great concept and a great product, but nobody knows to search for it, then Google Ads won’t be successful for you because those ads are based on what people are searching for. Sometimes people don’t know what to search for… but if you know who might like your idea, we can find those people on Facebook.

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