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We set up and run Google AdWords campaigns for many of our clients, but we don’t run any Bing Ads for our clients. Almost nobody asks for them, and so far no one has wanted to try them. Why is that?

The main reason is that Google dominates the search market. Eighty percent of searchers use Google for their Internet search. That’s a huge market share. But people often forget that after that 80%, there are still 20% of people using other search engines. When you consider how many people are actually using the Internet and doing searches, that’s still a lot of potential customers being missed because you’re only marketing in one place.

Bing Ads

A few reasons to try Bing Ads

  1. They’re cheaper. 
    Bing uses a similar bidding system to Google, but since there are less searchers and less advertisers there, the cost per click is going to be a lot lower, sometimes as much as 35% percent of what you would pay for the same ads on Google.
  2. You can better demographic control.
    Google doesn’t offer any kind of demographic based targeting, which means anyone who searches for your keywords may see your ads. Bing lets you set demographic controls so you can try to hit more people in your target range. Are your customers more likely women or men or in a certain age range? You can target those users specifically.
  3. There’s more control over the search partners.
    When you run Google Ads, you can target searches and search partners, but there’s very little information about who the search partners are – you’re either in or you’re out. With Bing, you can see who the search partners are and how much the clicks cost on that network and exclude ads on certain partners if it’s more than you want to spend. This is a great way to control your budget.
  4. You can add social extensions.
    Something Bing does that Google doesn’t is allow social extensions, which essentially shows your ads and how many followers you have on Twitter. Want people to jump on the bandwagon? Show them how many other people are already doing it.
  5. You have more device targeting options. 
    Want to exclude mobile visitors from your search? Only target those on tablets? You can show your ads to people on whatever device type you want with Bing Ads.

Bing Accreditation

Why not use Bing Ads?

If you’re already doing marketing on Google, expanding to Bing is a natural way to increase your traffic and conversions. We are certified to run Bing Ad campaigns and can help you get started picking up the extra 20% of traffic you’re missing on Google.

Contact us today to request a quote and find out how we can help you get your site in front of Bing searchers.

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