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Ways a professional website will grow your business

ways a professional website will grow your business

There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a website designer and many times a small business with a tight budget will opt for a DIY website or a template. A professionally designed website is almost always a better choice than DIY. Getting a site that costs a little more will bring in rewards not available with those DIY sites. Not only will a professional site look and feel customized for your business but it also comes with the team of knowledgeable people you will need to keep it updated, serviced and running smoothly. Here are a few ways a professional website will help grow your business:

Your business is always accessible

A virtual presence is an essential part of your small business because your website provides your clients access to your business and services 24/7 and from anywhere in the world. A professionally designed website builds credibility while being an active marketing and communications tool for your clients. Not only does your virtual presence help customers find you, but if used in conjunction with active social media venues your website can establish an even broader network and help target your audience.

Establishes credibility and trust

Having a professional website provides detailed information about your business and lets your potential clients know your business is stable. You can provide a clear picture of your business and the vision you share.

Your “ABOUT” page provides a vault of information that is targeted to your audience. You know exactly who your audience so you can tell them what they need to hear. The qualities you detail about your small business builds trust and trust builds an audience. You can cater your site to be about your business but also catered towards your intended audience.

You can use your website to show you care about your business and your consumers and that you can take care of all of their needs with a good “SERVICES” page. Never underestimate the power of setting someone’s mind at ease by dedicating your services page to show dominance in your area of expertise. This shows that you can fulfill those needs in a world where there are too many choices and products.

Your “CONTACT” page is an easy and immediate way for clients to request information or reach you and when you provide a response with a quick turnaround you are able to kindle a relationship with that client.

Targets your audience and increases traffic

We know that blogging is great for generating traffic and important at helping your SEO. Good content is looked for by Google algorithms and when your blog content is suitable for your target audience you increase your chances of being found. A professional designer can tailor your site with your intended viewer in mind. There are pigeonholes for every market, service, and industry and the right website developer can look at the specific details with current tools like Google Analytics and they can improve your conversations by optimizing the particular areas of your website that are specific to your audience.

When looking for a professional website designer to create a website for your business make sure they offer a wide array of services that can meet and exceed all of your businesses needs. A good designer should be able to answer all of the questions and concerns you have about the development and the design of your new site that will help your business grow and be competitive in your market.

Susan Sullivan

Susan is co-owner of Sumy Designs and represents the creative side of the Sumy team. Susan has a strong background in graphic design, marketing and advertising with over 20 years of experience.Susan is a WordPress enthusiast and when she isn't designing websites, she is a marathon runner and environmental activist. Read her full bio.

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