Why should I use WordPress over Wix or SquareSpace?

I get asked this question a fair amount, so I thought I would address it here. Why should anyone choose WordPress over any of the other options? Why WordPress over Wix or Squarespace or Shopify or any other DIY service?

But today I’m not going to answer this question. Instead, I’m going to tell you what to use. It’s important to use whatever system works for what you need it for, that you can manage, maintain, and afford.

Could I be any less helpful?

I’m a WordPress girl. I use WordPress everyday. I love it. I can make it do almost anything I need it to do and it’s a great platform. More than 25% of all websites are powered by WordPress now. But that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for everyone.

The important aspect here is that whatever you use meets your needs. I have people come to me all the time that say they set up a site on some other platform but couldn’t get it to do what they needed, so they’ve come to me for help. If the platform you choose doesn’t meet your needs, then it’s not the right choice. Even if it’s WordPress.

I like to think WordPress is easy. And it is, if you only need to blog and are happy with an out-of-the box theme that needs no customization. But if you want to make it look like any of our custom sites? Then no, it won’t be easy for the DIYer. It would actually be quite difficult for someone who doesn’t do this professionally.

Recently I was working with someone on a website and they pointed me to a web service offered by a company that provides many of the other services their business uses. Does it do everything that WordPress does? No. Does it integrate with several other services they use and would like to incorporate into their website? Yes. And so in this case, that platform may be the better choice.

The truth is, whatever platform you can afford that meets your needs is the right platform for you.

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