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dont give up on your blog image

There are days when it seems like throwing myself into heavy traffic is a better idea than having to write another a blog post. Really. Somedays, I just want to give up, say goodbye to the blog, and spend my newly allotted time organizing the pantry like a normal, non-blogging human does. But I don’t, and you shouldn’t either.

Everyone struggles coming up with blog topics, and when you blog nearly every day it seems that topics run far and few. It’s okay. Writer’s block happens to all of us. Maybe you’ve run completely out of new ideas or perhaps you just don’t feel like your blog is making a difference. But quitting is never the answer, especially when it comes to blogging. Blogging is an investment of time into your business and an expenditure of energy that could be spent doing other necessary tasks, but is is also free and a constant stream of literature for your audience.

You should keep at it because blogging is good for you and your business and here are a few reasons why:

Credibility and self-promotion

By blogging on a regular basis you are sharing information with your viewers and reaching an audience that sees you as an authority on a certain topic. Blogging regularly builds trust and trust is what keeps your customers and readers coming back for more. Putting your thoughts and judgements into a blog post showcases your expertise on a topic and will increase the professionalism of your online presence. Your reader base doesn’t grow overnight, but if you keep blogging your audience will find you.

Blogging increases traffic

Since you have the perfect platform to talk about your business or service, your are writing to the audience that is looking to find your information. This type of marketing will consistently increase your searched keyword results, and keeping blog posts current and the topics fresh will notably accelerate your search engine rankings.

Better relationships

If you keep your customers and readers informed by blogging regularly, you will indirectly build a stronger connection with them.

You’ll become a better writer

Practice makes perfect. Or, at least, better. If you do something consistently, you will get better at that something. Writing is no different. Writing on a regular basis will help you think clearer and develop your strengths and creative skills.


After months or years, you will have a record of what was going on and when. You’ll know when things were going well and when things were plummeting. This type of documentation is an excellent way to gauge the success of your business, or lack of, and refer to it in the future for the key reasons. It may not seem like it during the early days of blogging, but seasoned bloggers can testify to importance to this type of documentation.


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Susan lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area with her husband and children. She is an avid distance runner, environmentalist, part-time beekeeper, chicken farmer and amateur photographer.

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