no fail font pairings

no fail font pairings

These days there is no shortage of font choices to use on your website or marketing materials. This is great because the choices are limitless and this is bad for the very same reason. If you are having trouble deciding on a font pairing will create the right atmosphere for your design, here are some great combinations that we’ve used successfully for our clients to achieve a variety of moods.

Classic and Agreeable: Source Sans Pro & Droid  Serif

These two fonts work great together for the environmentally conscious website we did for Jasper County Soil and Water Conservation District. The combination of these two fonts is classic and pleasing. Pairing a serif heading and a sans-serif body font is always a winner.

font pairing source sans pro and droid serif

Modern and Inviting: Proxima Nova & Phoreous Cherokee

Here is another successful combination using the sans serif, Proxima Nova, and the slab serif, Phoreous Cherokee. This combination is modern and inviting and will give your design a sophisticated and grounded fell. We were very happy with the way the design for Matters of Importance turned out using this combination of fonts.

proxima nova and phoreous cherokee

Smart and Fun: Delius & Cabin Sketch

For a fun, yet smart, look try Delius and Cabin Sketch together like we did on this site for Fine Motor Boot Camp. The fun hand-drawn sketch look of Cabin sketch is playful but is still easy to read. Delius is a serif that is also easy to read but delivers a casual feel to the design.

cabin sketch and delius fonts

Modern and Scientific: Kanit & Akashi

This is another unique font pairing that we used for Synergy Biologics. Kanit is a humanist style of font that mixes curves and lines for a very pleasing sans serif font. Akashi is a very technical and futuristic looking font. The pairing of the two fonts creates a very modern and scientific look.

knit and asashi fonts


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