As any dedicated blogger knows, your blog will evolve over time. Your strengths, interests and priorities also evolve until your blog has a very distinct voice. Many new bloggers are afraid to move forward because they have trouble finding their voice. If you are one of those bloggers, here a few tips to help guide you in the right direction:

Play on your interests and strengths

What are your areas of interest? What do you do best? Make a list and start keeping track of those things so you can expand on them as you blog. If you have a running blog that doesn’t mean you have to exclusively blog about running. Add some of the other things you are good at and blog about those as well. It could be cooking, gardening or whatever. Your readers will love getting to know you inside and out.

Use your originality

What makes you different that the other bloggers? Use this originality to stand out from the other blogs. There are so many blogs out there that if you can’t find your own voice you won’t stand out in the crowd. Take a look at your blog roll and make notes on why you like those blogs? How are they different? What makes you want to keep reading them? Make notes and you’ll find yourself with a strong and original blog voice with many followers.

Be the smarty pants

Is there a question people are always asking you? Are you better at something than most people you know? Has any ever said you were an expert at something? What do people ask you for advice? Use these questions to become the best in your field and exploit them in your blog. You’ll find followers coming back for more.

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Susan Sullivan

Graphic Design. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area with my husband and children. I am an avid distance runner, environmentalist, part-time beekeeper, chicken farmer and amateur photographer.

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