Is Facebook advertising right for my business?

Are you looking for a way you can connect your business with your current customers and reach potential customers based on their interests on any budget? If you are, then you might want to give Facebook ads a try. Facebook advertising differs from Google Adwords in regards to when and where your ads are shown.  With Google Adwords campaigns, your ads are shown when someone is searching for something on the Google Network. With Facebooks ads, your ads are shown on the Facebook Audience Network to people based on their interests and online behavior.  Facebook ads allow you to build an advertising campaign based on three main goal categories, choose the interests and behaviors of the audience you want to target and have control of where your ads are shown in their Audience Network all while taking advantage of their typically lower cost.

Marketing Goals and Objectives

If you haven’t already, you need to identify your marketing goals and objectives.  Facebook offers three main goal categories with specific marketing objectives within them.

Awareness  If you are looking to boost posts, promote your page, reach people near your business, increase brand awareness, or increase your reach, then your objective is to build awareness. 

Consideration – If you want to send people to a destination on or off Facebook (like your Facebook page or website), raise attendance at an event, get video views, collect leads for your business or get installs of your app, then you are looking to influence customer consideration. 

Conversions – If you want to increase conversions or sales on your website, get people to claim an offer, promote a product catalog, get people to visit your stores, or increase engagement with your app, then your aim is to increase conversions. 

Audience Targeting

The biggest reason to use Facebook advertising over Google is their audience targeting capabilities.  Facebook offers a variety of targeting options to help you define what audience you want your ads to be shown to.  You can include and exclude almost any location, demographic, interest, or behavior you can think of.   

Custom Audiences – existing customers or people who have visited your website, engaged with your app, or your Facebook page.

Demographic targeting  – ranges from the basic age, gender, and language demographics to things like education level, income level, home ownership, life events, employment industry etc.).

Interest Targeting – There are 283 interest categories so it’s probably safe to say there is almost anything you can think of from agriculture to Zumba.   

Behavior targeting – includes categories of what potential customers do.  Examples of behaviors are a recent home buyer, a coupon user, or currently traveling. 

Connections – people who already like your page or app, friends of people who like your page or app, and people who responded to your event


Facebook ads are shown on Facebook, Instagram and their Audience Network.  You can even choose categories of websites and aps that you don’t want your ads to show.  Don’t want to mix business with politics?  Exclude it.


The minimum cost for a daily budget is $1.00.  The lifetime budget option allows you to run an ad for a specific period of time for a minimum cost of $31.   Your cost will depend on the budget you set, the quality and relevance of your ad, the estimated auction rates, and the number of customers you want to reach and you can choose from 4 options of when you get charged (conversions, impressions, link clicks, or daily unique reach). 

The ability to pair your marketing objectives with the interests and behaviors of customers makes Facebook a great way to build awareness and interest in your business and connect with your customers. Still wondering if running a Facebook ad or two would benefit your business?  Well, if you want to reach customers beyond when they are searching for your product or service, then the answer is yes. 

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Andrea Fick

Digital Marketing Director at Sumy Designs, managing Google AdWords, Facebook, and Bing Ad accounts for clients.

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