Finding Sumy Designs was absolutely the best thing that could've happened for our small, organic dog treat business. We had a general idea of the image we wanted to portray to our customers but didn't know how to make the magic happen. Susan and Amy made the entire web design process not only painless, but actually enjoyable. When we were presented with our website, I was moved to tears. They were able to capture the essence of our message and beliefs in a simple picture and design. They delivered our project ahead of schedule and have assisted us with our social media, blogging, SEO and countless other little helpful hints that can really make a difference when running an online business. I am proud to send potential customers, family and friends alike to our website and I always brag about my angels; Amy and Susan. It truly means the world as a small business owner when you can rely on others to lend a helping hand and help make your dream a reality.
Veronica Glynn