About Sumy Designs – Who We Are and What We Do

Sumy_4We are Sumy Designs, LLC.  Our business is based in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Our History: Sumy Designs was created by two sisters, Susan Sullivan and Amy Masson in 2006. Susan had been working as a print designer with a large marketing firm while Amy had been teaching computer technology. After leaving those respective career paths, a friend asked if we’d like to make a website for her. We said yes. A friend of this friend saw that website, and asked us to make a website for her. We said yes. And so and so forth and now we have created many, many sites for many happy clients across the country and Canada.

Susan is our graphic designer, in charge of all things creative and beautiful. She has the vision and skills it takes to create custom masterpieces for every project.

Amy is our resident code monkey and technical expert. HTML, CSS, PHP and more, she is fluent in many Internet languages.

While Amy does the code work and Susan does the graphics, there are a lot of other areas that need attention, so we have recruited a team of fabulous people to work with us to bring these jobs to completion. Being a virtual business, we are able to employ people from all over the country to work with us. While Susan and Amy are located out of Texas and Indiana respectively, our virtual team includes members from Kansas, Colorado, and Illinois.

Find out more about those who round out our business.

Interesting fact: While the business is based in West Lafayette, Susan lives in the Dallas Forth Worth area. We work together virtually, via email and video chat, to seamlessly design, manage, and maintain projects of all sizes.

Where’d you come up with the name Sumy? It’s a combination of our first names. SUsan and aMY.

*Photography by Anne DeLion