I cannot say thank you enough to Amy for her help. I came to her with a very vague idea in my head for a simple blog, and I had zero experience and almost complete ignorance with computers, but Amy stepped in and that wonderful young woman took charge of everything until I found in my hands the perfect website of my wildest dreams. Within two weeks of my contacting her, Amy dived in and came up with the most fantastic pearl of a website design. It is true what she and Sue say about their being a small company that can do great things, for never in my life have I come across such timely and enthusiastic replies. Amy typically responds to my emails within five to ten minutes! Best of all, she really does show that she cares and again I cannot thank her enough for making my dream a reality so soon. I am visually challenged so I had to depend on her to teach me how to use the site, but she was always patient in explaining things I didn’t understand and in working to ensure my site should show up compatible with my screen reader. I admit that I haven’t had a word with Sue yet, but if she is even half as good as Amy is, I can bet she is absolutely wonderful. You can’t go wrong with approaching Sumy Designs. Trust me, I’ve tried working with half a dozen large web designing companies but none of them is a match for Amy’s little finger. They are not as sympathetic, interested and as flexible to suggestions and changes as she is. I’ve only known her for barely two weeks but I already consider her a veritable computer genius.
Jasmin, Brunei Darussalam, Southeast Asia