Gifts for Graphic Designers

The holidays are here and it is time to buy your favorite graphic designer the perfect gift! To make that job a little easier I’ve put together the perfect list at a variety of price points for you. You'll find some gifts elaborate, some funny and others downright practical. US prices are listed.

Temperature Adjustable Coffee Mug Warmer

This mug warmer doesn't just keep that sacred morning liquid warm, it keeps it at the perfect temperature. $29.99

Keyboard Ornament

This isn't just for designers, this is the perfect ornament for any computer nerd. $9.99

Logo Board Game

This game is perfect for the graphic designer who either loves or hates designing logos and is fun for the entire family. $25.00

Love Wall Print

Red and blue make green, but I'll take yellow. This print would look fabulous in any office. $49.99

Cinema Lightbox

This looks like great fun and I imagine would be great for those times you are sitting around a table bouncing ideas off one another. $30.00


History of Type

Whether a graphic designer or a typographer or both, this book would make any designer swoon. $57.80

Power Luggage

I'm getting ready to head out to WordCamp US tomorrow and this luggage is on my wishlist for travel. $225.00

1000s of Colors Puzzle

Do you know someone who loves puzzles and loves color? This puzzle is the perfect gift for that person. $70.00


Dingbat Coasters

Coasters are the gift you can give anyone you don't know what to get and if you know a designer and don't know what to give them, try these dingbat coasters. $9.00

Stress Ball

You know the clients, the ones that want the logo BIGGER or insist that you use the font comic sans in their design. Squeeze it with a smile. $5.00

Ampersand Necklace

Here ya go, in case you were wondering what to give someone who loves jewelry and typography, or me. (wink wink) $18.00

Nix Color Sensor

Finding the exact Pantone color is right at your fingertips with this color sensor. $71.28

Hand Pencil Holder

Would this look fabulous sitting on your desk? Just imagine how much more fab it would look sitting on your designer's desk. $18.95

Tricerataco Taco Holder

I don't care who you are, you know you want this dinosaur taco holder. Buy extra for taco Tuesday. $11.86

Fred the Taco Cheese Shredder

Of course, you'll need Fred the Cheese Shredder to go with the taco holder. They're a set and we don't want to mess with harmony. $14.88

Very Cool Clock

If there is one thing I know about most designers it is that they are always losing track of time. Help your designer be on time with this cool clock. $97.48

Waterproof Foldable Keyboard

If there is another thing I know about graphic designers it is that they are always spilling coffee on their keyboards. But never wine, I don't know what crazy person would do that. Give them the gift of not electrocuting themselves. $10.99

Steelcase Gesture Chair

After years of my husband telling me I needed an ergonomic chair, I finally broke down and bought this one. Pricey, but my butt thanks me every day. $895.00

Octopus Paperweight

Did you know that octopuses have three hearts and blue blood? True fact. Did you know that octopuses make great paperweights? Also true. $14.40


One Way Ticket

Save this cheap gift of love for that special someone who ate the last donut and you didn't get one even though you brought them to the office and were late because your thoughtfulness got you stuck in traffic. It'll be fine because you'll be neighbors someday. $1.83

Pixel Ruler

I'm not sure how often you'd use this, but it would be a fun gift to give that special someone who is always measuring down to the last pixel. $32.00


Standing Laptop Desk

This gift is both good for you and gives you lots of extra storage space. Give this to the exercise fanatic designer in your life. $67.00

Caffeine Molecule Necklace

Are you tired of giving your coffee loving designer coffee mugs? Me too. Give this molecular gift of jewelry this year. $90.00

Superhero Bookends

The graphic designer always saves the day. At least in my world, they do. These bookends are super fun and will look great on any office desk. $25.00

Artist's Color Wheel

I have one of these wheels for hummingbird identification, but I reckon wheels work for color too and are a handy tool for any designer. $6.00

Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet

This is probably the best gift you could give a designer. I haven't been able to use a mouse since I got one of these and I would sell my soul before I'd give up my tablet. $350.00

Pixel Ruler

I'm not sure how often you'd use this, but it would be a fun gift to give that special someone who is always measuring down to the last pixel. $32.00


Pantone 186 Red Espresso Percolator

Wow. A strong red for a strong coffee. This is the perfect kitchen gadget for that Pantone themed kitchen. $21.95

Pantone 11-0110 Buttercream Nail Polish

This nail polish would be a great stocking stuffer for the fashionable graphic designer. Pairs well with the Pantone 186 Espresso Percolator. $10.00


Socks, the gift that keeps your feet from stinking. If you know someone you'd like to be less stinky then give them these very neat ampersand socks this year. $7.00


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